How Bitewing X-Ray Is More Advantageous In Maintaining Dental Health

Bitewing x-rays has been a groundbreaking advancement in the dental care industry because it has come with several advantages which not only benefit the patient but also the dentists. It is an intraoral x-ray method which mainly involves placement of a sensor indie the mouth of the patient. This sensor then generates photos of both upper and lower teeth. This x-ray method can provide variety of valuable details which can help in the viewing the patients’ cases pretty closely.


Visibility is the very first advantage of bitewing x-ray. These x-rays do not only produce images of both upper and lower teeth but they also produce images in high quality. These images usually have more details than conventional x-ray images. These images can be enhanced so that dentists would be able to look at the tiniest areas with ease. This enhancement of images allows dentists to look for the cavities, tartar in the roots, broken fillings in the crowns or any other dental infection.

Early detection

Having bitewing x-rays at every dental appointment can be of great advantage to the patient because it can truly help in identifying any dental problem especially in the initial stages, in which the cure doesn’t hurt much. Another advantage is that these x-rays are directly sent on the computer screen, which means that dentist doesn’t have to wait for the image to be printed on the film before it is viewed. This procedure also allows the dentist to adjust device and mouth position for better image to be generated. Several images can be gathered and formed a complete slide. This slide can help in better identification of the problem without much of the difficulty as any change in the images while adjusting movements would make the dental issues more visible.


Bitewing x-rays provide optimum safety which can be provided using the technology available in today’s world. According to a report, the radiation exposure in bitewing x-rays is 80% lesser as compared to the conventional x-rays. However, the dentists still follow the necessary precautionary measures in order to ensure that the risk is restrained to the minimum level. Furthermore, these x-rays are environmentally friendly because there is no need of the use of harmful chemicals in the printing of x-ray images.


Conventional x-rays procedure is usually a long one and there is extra chance for those procedures to fail. Hence, they may lead to the retakes of x-rays for even more than one time. This problem has been resolved greatly in the bitewing x-rays. Furthermore, the patient wouldn’t have to keep the sensor in mouth for a longer period of time because everything is viewed in real time. Hence, the patient would not have to wait on the x-rays chair for long in order to get film prepared.


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